Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is your dog digging to the other side of the world?

   Hello Everyone! This is my first time blogging and I am not so sure about how to start this all so here goes! I figured for my first time I would share a little part of a recent question I was asked. As a dog owner myself I know how annoying it can be when your dog decides to go crazy on a mission to the other side of the planet, right in the middle of your garden or yard. First of all, what on earth are they digging for??? Certainly not anything we would want lol. Secondly, why is it always in the garden??

   Here is your answer to both questions. In my experience dogs dig for a few different reasons and one is mainly to stay cool in the heat of summertime. Often your garden or flower bed is moist and cool under the topsoil, providing a nice soft and cool bed for them to relax in. The other reason they could be digging is pent up energy. Dogs will do lots of different things to vent that energy and one way they seem to love to do it, is by digging. For example, Our pit bull will dig to the other side of the world if shes frustrated about something, has not been played with, or had the proper amount of love she would like. So chances are if your dog is digging, your dog may also be upset with you lol.

  With all of that being said, there is most of your solution to stop it. You would need to find out exactly what is upsetting your pet and causing the behavior. That in itself is key. Another way to solve this behavior would be to watch the dog's behavior and where it is circling or going in your garden before it digs. When it does this, catch it in the act and firmly tell it no! Don't be afraid to show that dominant voice! lol. When the dog realizes it has done wrong it will most likely stop and tuck its tail for that moment. After it has done that and has responded to you, you can reward it with a nice and tasty treat!

  In the end of things it takes a lot of persistence and may take some time. Dogs are smart and at times a bit stubborn, so it may take a while but they will learn. Remember to be patient! The reward to you will be a wonderful pet that you have bonded with even more, and your beautiful garden will thrive without expensive items to protect it from a crazed mutt.


  1. Good advice! I am looking forward to more articles from you.

  2. Very good advice. I enjoyed reading it. Even made me chuckle a little. :)