Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Question of the Day!

  Hello and Good Afternoon to all!

  Last night after reading my first post, I thought of something. A while back, our pit bull decided she was going to dig by our tree in the yard. At first I thought nothing of it other than "great, another hole to fill" lol. After a bit of watching her, while enjoying my coffee, I realized she was after something in the dirt. When she was finally done, she pulled a large metal dish from the dirt. She brought it to the back door where I was standing, set it right next to her food dish (which was full) and sat down, as if to say "this one is empty, fill it up!" lol.

  As we all know, dogs do some pretty strange and weird things. My question of the day for you the reader is, what strange thing has your dog dug up or brought to you that was out of the normal?

  Please leave your dogs icky and weird finds below in the comments! :)


  1. Way back when, your great grandma was still with us, she made some whole wheat bread and brought it to Jim and I. I think she forgot to put yeast in it and it was as hard as a brick. We didn't tell her, but after she went home we gave it to Spike, our stud Pit. About a week later, we noticed him chomping on something and told him to bring it to us... he did and it was that loaf of bread covered in dirt... evidentually he had buried it until he could eat it! lol.....

  2. I think the most unusual thing was a live gopher that he dug up to bathe. He did that several times that day. Spring cleaning the gophers.